We will minimize our operating footprint, and invest in mitigating the impacts of our operations on the natural environment.

As a responsible resource developer, Maritime remains focused on minimizing operational footprints for all projects, and for all phases of development.  Our investment will always include measures to minimize potential impacts of our operations on the natural environment, and mitigation strategies which aid in future rehabilitation and biodiversity.

Our Hammerdown project is a brownfield site with no legacy environmental concerns.  With a footprint of 90ha, our planned development does not contain fish or fish habitat, there are no endangered plant or wildlife species, and geochemically, rock types surrounding the Hammerdown deposit are inert, posing no concerns for long term waste rock storage.

Operationally, our planned ore sorting technology will remove waste from our blasted ore, preparing more concentrated ore shipments from Hammerdown to the Nugget Pond Mill.  This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from trucking, and tailings from gold production by approximately 50%.  Our mill tailings facility is an active and fully permitting tailings impoundment area, which we will share with Rambler Metals and Mining. 

Pursuant to the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Protection Act (Part X), the “Hammerdown Gold Project – Environmental Assessment Registration” was submitted on July 6, 2020.

Link to document here.


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