Maritime Resources will ensure transparent engagement to build lasting relationships with local communities, collecting feedback to continuously improve.

For Maritime, an element of our success is defined by the positive and impactful relationships we establish with our adjacent communities. Our development focus is always with consideration for impacts on the regional economy and social values of community residents, and our interactions must be timely, and transparent. Achieving maximum value from our resource and creating long term benefits for our communities is simply how we do business.

The closest community to the Hammerdown Gold Project is the Town of King's Point, which is approximately 5km away.

Mining Matters Program - Investing in our Youth

Investing in the development of youth is an investment into the future of our industry. The Company was proud to participate in the national "Mining Matters" Program and to provide funding to students at Valmont Academy K-12 school in King's Point.

Additionally, Maritime supports a senior student summer program, and last year, provided an exposure opportunity for three high school students, working at the Hammerdown site, at the core shed location in Springdale and at Maritime's office.

Local Recreation Trail Construction

In the winter of 2020/2021, Maritime collaborated with the Shoal Pond Cabin Owners Association and the NL Snowmobile Federation to determine a new route for a section of the recreational vehicle trail (NLSF groomed trail), linking Route 391 with Shoal Pond Forest Access Road. This route provided a permanent detour from a section of road supporting ongoing exploration activities in and around Hammerdown, reducing risk of public interaction with Maritime activities and equipment. Construction on the trail was completed in November.

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